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More Shark Stories
California Shark Attack: Swimmer Bitten by
Angry Great White Shark off California Beach
Pier; Injuries Not Life-Threatening
FOX: 14-foot-long, 2,300 Pound Great White
Shark Surfaces Twice Off Per Island
Days After Surfacing at Kitty Hawk Beach
14-foot-long, 2,300 Pound Great White Shark
with Electronic Tracker Device Recorded Swimming
to and Hanging Out Near Outer Banks Beaches
The more than a ton great white shark named Katherine, was first tagged by an electrical transmitting device by a Marine Research Group in August, 2013 swimming off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. She reportedly swam 171 miles in 72 hours. On the 12th of December the great white shark was tracked near the beach in the Outer Banks town of Kitty Hawk. Tracking her latest movements reveals she has been hanging out near the Outer Banks coastal area in her search for food.Follow her movements here.
Shark FinGreat White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) Swimming Through a School of Smaller FishSharksWhale Shark, Swimming, AustraliaGreat White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) Close-Up, South Australia
Most Dangerous Beaches for Shark Attacks in the USA
Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida: 59% of all shark attacks in the United States occur at this beach. In 2008 alone, there were 23 reported shark attacks here.
Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach, California: 142 recorded attacks since 1990. Area is considered especially dangerous because it is considered a birthing rookery for sharks, generating anger to human intrusion.
Makena Beach, Maui:Especially dangerous because aggressive tiger sharks come to the area to feed on turtles that call the area home.
Surf beach, Vandenberg, California: Infested with juvenile white sharks feeding on mammals
New Smyrna Beach, Florida: More recorded shark attacks here than any other region in the world.
Bull Sharks Discovered in Chesapeake Bay Potomac
River Area Near Washington DC. Swimmers Warned
10-Year-Old Surfer Attacked by Bull Shark During Surfing
Competition at in Folly Beach, South Carolina..............
According to GrindTV, the Bull Shark bit 10-year Tyson Royston's surfboard, lifted him out and pulled him
12ft Great White Shark Weighing 1000 Pounds Circles
Charter Fishing Boat Poacher 2-1/2 Miles off Oregon Inlet

Breaking News from Oregon Inlet Idiot Web Site.......
Witness Devin Cage posted the following report on the encounter; "Look what came to visit me today 2-1/2 miles off Oregon Inlet, a 12ft long 1000lb+ GREAT WHITE SHARK! We were drifting a wreck on my charter boat POACHER when it just swam right up to the boat,you could have touched it with a 9ft spinning rod it was so close!! Circled the boat several times then dove back down on the wreck. Talk about a rush,slick calm and you look over the side and that thing is swimming slowly by!!" see picture
This has not been the boat "Poacher's" first encounter with a Great White Shark off the Outer Banks Coast. On May 13, 2004, one of the largest Great White Sharks ever seen was spotted just off the coast of the Outer Banks by the Poacher Charter boat based in Wanchese North Carolina. The Video showed the huge shark swimming about 13 miles offshore of the Outer Banks. The shark was filmed by professional sports fisherman Charles Perry, who grew up on the Outer Banks and happened to be on the boat that day.
Perry indicated that in his 50 years of fishing and doing offshore research, he’s seen a lot of interesting things such as when a blue marlin pulled a friend off the boat. However, Perry indicates that was nothing compared to witnessing this 3000 pound great white shark circling around his boat on in 2004. Perry indicated the beast was so large that he thought at first there were several fish swimming in the water instead of just one. Then the boat came up behind the shark where the natural lighting allowed its outline to be seen clearly. That’s when Perry thought, "Man, this is a great white!" Perry indicates that great whites are uncommon in the area, and like most flesh-eating predators, are quite dangerous. see 2004 video
Large Bull Shark Captured Near Swimmers at Emerald Isle Beach

Photo by Brandon Jones
This dangerous 8 foot, 4 inch bull shark was reported in the surf next to swimmers at Emerald Isle beach be it was caught. Submitted by Brandon Jones
Fatal Shark Attack on 18 Year Old
Bruna Silva Gobbi Caught on Video

Momment of attack
Gobbi was caught in a rip current while Swiming at a Brazilian Beach and dragged into deep waters where she was bitten in the leg, suffering serious injuries and dying later in the hospital after emergency surgery.
Pirates Cove Marina: Reports Catch of the Day;
228 Pound Bigeye Tuna Caught Off Outer
Banks with its Tail Bitten off by a Shark
Great White Shark Filmed Swiming off North Carolina Coast
Fishermen on Oregon Inlet Fishing Charter
Boat Catch 129 lbs Mako Shark..see picture
16-foot Great White Shark Swims through Ocracoke Inlet
Officials watching the large great white shark report it swam through Ocracoke Inlet into Pamlico Sound Monday night for a short period before returning to the the ocean. Shark was last reported swimming north toward Hatterasheaded north toward Hatteras.
Researches Believe Changing Designs of Wetsuits
and Surfboards Will Reduce Shark Attacks......
Vacationer Takes Picture of Large Shark Swimming
Near Bodyboarders on Hatteras Island...................
Vacationer Henry Harris of Calvert, Maryland took a picture of his friends body boarding along an Hatteras Island Beach and discovered a large shark fin was in the water near his friends who were bodyboarding near the shore line. National Park Officials, looking at the picture later estimated the shark was up to 20 foot long and either a great white or tiger shark and was probably close to shore looking for a meal.
Surfers Warned About Recent Shark
Sightings Reported Near the Outer Banks
On 7/21/12 it was reported in Surfline that fishermen were catching up to 4 foot long sandbar sharks in north sandbridge, an ocean community just north of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A witness counted 7 sharks caught in just a few hours from the sandbar about 50 yards or so offshore.
On 6/15/2012 5 people reported seeing a shark up to 6 ft long at 4:20 pm and again at 6:15pm at the Croatan Jetty, an area just north of the Outer Banks. Two days later on 6/ 17, 2012, 12 witnesses reported seeing a 6 ft shark in front of the 1st lifeguard stand at Croatan Jetty and 15 minutes later the same shark was seen swimming and feeding near the rocks at Croatan Jetty.
Fishermen Catching Blacktip Sharks Over 6
Feet Long in Inshore Waters on Outer Banks
Amazing Video: Large Bull Shark Jumps Out of
Water Steals the Fish a Young Girl Was Reeling In
The breath taking video was filmed on the sound side of Myrtle Beach, North Carolins. The video shows a giant Bull Shark jumping from the water only a few feet from where Sarah Brame on a dock and taking Red Drum fish she was reeling in.
5 to 6 ft Shark Spotted Thrashing Near Croatan Jetty,
Popular Surf Area on Outer Banks; Surfers Warned
Up to 17 people reported seeing the shark near the shore in depths of 6 to 12 ft of water. Surfers were warned to keep their eves open open
Virginia Beach Fisherman gets Ticket
for Possessing Undersized Shark....
Fishermen Beat Baby Sand Sharks to Death Along
Ocean View Drive in Norfolk Virginia...............
Witnesses report men were beating them in the head with clubs and then let their kids play with their deat bodies on the beach
Michael Bryant Catches 225 lb. Dusky Shark During Oregon
Inlet Fishing Charter Boat Outing Off Outer Banks...............
Dusky Sharks can grow to 14 ft in length and up to 765 lb in weight. They are viviparous with a three-year reproductive cycle; females bear litters of 3–14 young after a gestation period of 22–24 months, after which there is a year of rest before they become pregnant again. Females are capable of storing sperm for long periods, as their encounters with suitable mates may be few and far between due to their nomadic lifestyle and low overall abundance. Dusky sharks are one of the slowest-growing and latest-maturing sharks, not reaching adulthood until around 20 years of age.
Because of its slow reproductive rate, the dusky shark is very vulnerable to human-caused population depletion. This species is highly valued by commercial fisheries for its fins, used in shark fin soup, and for its meat, skin, and liver oil. It is also esteemed by recreational fishers. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed this species as Near Threatened worldwide and Vulnerable off the eastern United States, where populations have dropped to 15–20% of 1970s levels. The dusky shark is regarded as potentially dangerous to humans due to its large size, but there are few attacks attributable to it.
source Wikipedia
Shark Attacks Woman at Avon Beach on Hatteras Island
An official with the Avon Medical Clinic on Hatteras Island has confirmed that a shark attacked Megan Konkler, 33, of Lancaster, Ohio while she was in shallow water along the beach in the Hatteras Island village of Avon around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 31. ..According to a witness, the 2 foot long shark bit into the woman's leg and refused to let go. The shark had to be forcibly removed by others nearby. The shark's bit caused serious damage to the victim’s leg tissues and ligaments and required several hours of medical treatment and 32 stiches by a physician at the Avon medical center. Konkler says that despite the attack, she plans to continue coming to the Outer Banks for vacations.
Also see deadlyDeadly 2001 OBX Labor Day Shark Attack
Outer Banks Charter Fishing Boat Reports
Catching 115 lb. Mako Shark.
Fisherman Catches 72 Inch Maco Shark from
Fishing Charter Boat Off Outer Banks Coast
Outer Banks Fishing Boat Reports Catching Dog Sharks
Charter Fishing Boat from Oregon
Inlet Catches 80lb Mako Shark...
New Species of Shark Discovered
A new predator shark called the African dwarf sawshark has been captured in 1,600-foot deep water off the coast of Mozambique. The shark has a long, tooth-studded snout that it uses like a sword, to whip through schools of fish and then returning to eat any casualties
Bull shark Attacks Man Swimming off NC Coast
Donnie White, of South Carolina reports that he was attacked by a Bull Shark while swimming near Beaufort Inlet. " White suffered bit wounds on his leg that required surgery.
18 Foot Great White Shark Circles & Bumps
21 ft. Fishing Boat off North Carolina Coast
Fisherman Matt Garrett reported an 18 foot Great White Shark circled, bumped & slapped his boat for 20 minutes before vanishing back into the sea while he and friends were fishing over Thanksgiving weekend about 25 miles southeast of Wrightsville Beach . see video
Outer Banks Diver Perishes in Dive Accident
Looking for Megalodon Shark Teeth..........
Amy Pieno of Hatteras village was looking for megalodon shark teeth in a dive on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 16, about 30 miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach when she died
Outer Banks Surfer Attacked by Shark off Buxton Beach

Kevin Dinneen coming in from surfing on Hatteras
Island after a Shark Bit him on the right foot........
Kevin Dinneen 21, from Centreville, Virginia reported he was bitten by a 4-5 foot shark while surfing at Old Lighthouse Road in Buxton, NC on Wednesday, August 24, at 2:30 p.m. Dinneen described the day as Beautiful with tons of surfers in the water.
Dinneen was treated at the Avon Urgent Care by Dr. Jamie Fountain. The doctor estimated the size of the shark from bite marks on Dinneen's foot. Dinneen said he felt the shark brush by him in the water and agreed with the Doctor's estimation of size. Dinneen was prescribed antibiotics and given a tetanus shot. This was the 5th reported shark attack in North Carolina this summer.

Close up of Shark Bite on Kevin Dinneen right foot.
Shark Attacks Woman Wading in
Shallow Water at Kure Beach....

Kure Beach Ocean Rescue officials report the woman was bitten by a 6 foot long shark while wading in shallow water with her husband on Wednesday, Aug. 17. The unidentified woman suffered serious damage to her foot and toes and was taken to a local hospital. This is the 4th reported shark attack on along NC beaches this year

Shark Bites 54-Year Old Fisherman Off NC
Coast After He Jumps into Water to Cool Off
Donnie White 54, visiting from South Carolina was reported fishing on a boat about 13 miles off the coast of North Carolina when he decided to jump into the water to cool off and was bitten in the leg by a bull Shark. According to witnesses on the boat White decided to take a swim to cool off after fishing and was bitten after grabbing the ladder to climb back aboard. A witness on the boat saw the shark in the water near white and yelled shark before the attack but white thought it was a joke. .
This was the 3rd shark attach reported in North Carolina since July. Lucy Mangum 6, was bitten on Ocracoke Island in early July while playing in 18 inches of water with her parents. That was followed by another July shark attack on a 10-year-old girl who was bitten by a shark at North Topsail Beach.
Outer Banks Fishing Center Reports Black Tip Sharks
& Other Species of Sharks being Caught by
Charter Fishing Boats Near Outer Banks Coastline
One boat based at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reported that during one outing on 07-22-11 where they were mostly engaged in catch and release shark fishing, the sharks they caught were mostly black tips, atlantic sharp nose, spinners and other varieties.
5 ½ Foot Tiger Shark Pulled Ashore by Swimmer
at Popular Kill Devil Hills Beach.....................
The shark washed ashore at milepost 7.5 at Kill Devil Hills around 12:30 p.m. Thursday. Witnesses first described the shark as being about 7 feet long, however a marine biologist soon arrived and said the shark's length was 5 ½ feet long. The shark was reported to be in severe distress and was rolling around in the ocean surf when the swimmer pulled it to shore.
Fisherman Catches 200 Pound Shark Just off Topsail Island
Reports indicat it took the fisherman more than 10 minutes to reel in the 200 pound blacktip shark measuring almost 6 feet long.
10-Year-Old Girl Attacked by Shark in 3.5 Feet
of Water at North Topsail Beach.....................
Cassidy Cartwright of Erie, Pa., was reported on her body board in 3 1/2 foot of water when a shark dragged her under and bit into her leg, damaging her Achilles tendon and lower leg. The attack occured on Sunday, July 10 at North Topsail Beach in North Carolina. Young Cassidy later told reporters "It pulled me down, and it hurt, I just thought it was somebody messing around, and I found out that it wasn't 'cause it pulled me down again." The girls mother described the scene as "bloody." Doctors later removed a shark's tooth from the injured girls leg confirming it was a shark attack.
Florida Museum of Natural History Reports
North Carolina Suffered 42 Shark Attacks & 3
Deadly Attacks between the Years 1935-2010
Location of the 41 Confirmed Shark Attacks in North Carolina
between 1935-2010.. Source...International Shark Attack File
North Carolina Shark Attacks on the Rise,
State Ranks 2nd in Number of Unprovoked Attacks
with 5 Confirmed during 2010.................
North Carolina saw the number of confirmed shark attacks increase from 1 in 2009 to 5 in 2010. In the previous 10 years, North Carolina reported five attacks once in in 2000 with the number of attacks in other years remaining at 1 or 2 per year. In 2010, Florida led the U.S. with 13 attacks in 2010...Compared to the rest of the world, North American waters had the highest number of unprovoked attacks in 2010, (42% or 32 attacks) with an additional 4 unprovoked attackes in Hawaii for a total of 36 attacks in the United States... University of Florida's International Shark File
Blast from the Past : Man Catches 6 Foot
Shark While Surf Fishing in Nags Head
Teenage Surfer Bitten by Shark 2 Times Just
North of Currituck's Outer Banks Beaches....
Caleb Kauchak 18, reported a shark bit into his ankle and began thrashing as he was surfing in the ocean off Sandbridge, Virginia. Kauchak told officials that as he jumped on his surf board to escape the attacking shark, he was bitten again on the knee. The attack occurred in water just north of Currituck's popular Outer Banks beaches. Kauchak received 51 stitches to close all of his wounds. Doctors verified the wounds were made by a shark but were unable to identify the species of shark responsible. Also read "Deadly 2001 Outer Banks Shark Attack"
Mako Shark Caught from Charter Fishing Boat
5 Foot Black Tip Shark Caught from Outer Banks Pier
Caught on the Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills around 445PM on August 29, 2010. The guy with the yellow rod, fuzzy beard, flannel shirt hooked it. The other guys holding the fish helped him gaff it and hoist it up to the pier deck. If it wasn't 5 feet, it sure was close. I didn't stay for the official weight and measures!..........Diana Behling.... see more pictures
White Shark Sightings On The Rise On East Coast
The Aquarium features four species of sharks commonly found in North Carolina waters; sand tigers, bonnetheads, nurse sharks and sandbar sharks. more
Young Girl Attacked by Shark at Wrightsville Beach
The attack occured around 1:30 p.m.while Kendal Parker, 13 was in Waist-Deep Water at Wrightsville Beach. The attack by what was believed to have been a 5 foot tiger shark left a bite wound on Parker's arm that required 40 stitches and the possibility of future surgery to repair a damaged tendon.
13-Year Old Girl Survives Shark Attack at Topsail Beach
Carley Schlentz was taken to Cape Fear Hospital where it took more than 60 stitches to close the gaping wound to her left foot. Schientz was attacked while swimming with friends and is expected to undergo more reconstructive surgery next year
Map of North Carolina's Confirmed
Shark Attacks Between 1935-2009
New Shark Exhibit Opens at the North
Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
Sharks! a new exhibit has opened at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island NC. Breakfast bites will be served for early visitors. General admission will begin at 9 a.m. Many new sharks have been added to the 285,000-gallon Graveyard of the Atlantic exhibit and newer species are being exhibited in a new 10,000-gallon exhibit, that includes an underwater “Shark Cage.” Dr. Finnegan, the “leading expert on fin facts” will guide you on your visit and you will learn shark facts that dispel myths! Aquarium Society Members will receive free admission.
OBX Fishing Charter Boat Catches
Large Mako Shark During Outing
Pirates Cove Marina on Roanoke Island
Reports 200 Pound Mako Shark Caught
from Fishing Charter Boat
300-Pound Sand Tiger Shark Placed
on Display in Roanoke Island Aquarium
The huge 300-pound sand tiger shark is featured in the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" exhibit at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island and will be housed in a 285,000-gallon tank
Giant Shark Discovered on Outer Banks Beach
This 20 foot basking shark washed ashore on a beach in the Outer Banks village of Sanderling on Thursday morning, Sept. 17, 2010 only 4 Days after swimmer Richard A. Snead 60 was reported to have been fatally bitten by an unidentified Shark while swimming near the Outer Banks community of Corolla. Basking sharks are not considered dangerous to humans but contact with their skin should be avoided because the large dermal denticles have been known to inflict serious damage to divers and scientists. The giant sharks are generally considered tolerant of humans but have been known to attack boats after being harpooned.. .See large view....
Shark Attack Blammed in Death
of Outer Banks Swimmer.........
An autopsy reveals that Richard A. Snead 60, who disappeared during a night swim off Corolla Beach on Saturday, Sept. 12 died because of a shark bite. Snead's body was found on a Kill Devil Hills beach on Thursday, Sept 17. The missing man’s family was unable to identify the remains and the body was transported to the State Medical Examiner's Office in Greenville where Snead was then identified along with the cause of death. Snead was reported missing by family members at 12:45 a.m. Sunday morning after taking the late night swim on Corolla Beach in Currituck County near mile post 5. The type of shark that bit Snead has not been identified. Snead, a resident of the Pittsburgh, PA area was vacationing with his family on the Outer Banks. The last confirmed fatal shark attack reported on the Outer Banks was in September 2001 when Sergei Zaloukaev, 28 was attacked and killed by a shark while wading in the surf just before dark in South Avon on Hatteras Island.
Hundreds Of Sharks Spotted Swarming Near
Carteret County North Carolina Beaches.......
Witesses reported the sharks were between 4 - 6 feet long swimming between Shackleford Banks and Fort Macon. See video
Steve Howard of Southern Shores Catches
Large Angel Shark on Outer Banks.......
11-foot, 500 lb. Tiger Shark Caught in the Broad
River Near Parris Island, South Carolina........
Staff Sergeant Hollingsworth, a marine at the nearby military base said it was the 4th large tiger shark he has caught here in the past week, an area popular with water skiers and swimmers. According to shark experts at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Tiger sharks are second only to great white sharks in the number of recorded attacks on humans.
1,000 Pound Hammerhead Shark Steals
Large Tuna as it was being Reeled in During
an Outer Banks Charter Fishing Trip.....
Myrtle Beach Area Rated One of the Most
Dangerous Shark-Attack Beaches in the World
The beaches in and around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have recorded 16 shark attacks over the last 100 years according to the International Shark Attack File. During that same time, the entire state of South Carolina recorded just over 50 shark attacks.
Dead 13-foot Great White Shark Washes
Up on Morris Island, South Carolina Beach
The cause of death for the 13-foot, 2-inch female Great White Shark is a mystery according to shark experts. The Great White Shark showed no signs of injury or trauma. Experts estimated the shark’s age at 10 to 13 years old. Biologists plan to study tissue samples from the shark in an effort to discover how the dangerous animal wound up dead on this popular beach.
Danny Fletchers Catches Shark
in the Surf at Ocracoke Island
8-year-old Girl Injured in Shark
Attack at North Carolina Beach
Madeline Sinsley, 8 was bitten on the foot by a shark while swimming at a Topsail Island, North Carolina beach on Thursday, July 24. According to witnesses, the young girl’s mother frantically fought with the shark before it released her daughter’s foot from its grasp. The young girl was taken to a nearby hospital where she was reported in good condition.
Shark Grabs 14-Year Old Girl
at Emerald Isle, NC Beach
According to local officials, the unidentified girl was bitten while in the water between Sea Dunes and Ocean Oaks Drives. She suffered a bite on her foot resulting in cuts and damage to ligaments and tendons. She was taken to Carteret General Hospital where doctors identified the bite.
5-Foot Shark Bites 37-Year-Old Man
Swimming at South Carolina Beach
The unidentified man suffered injuries to his hand. The species of shark involved in the attack was unknown. In August, 2007, two separate shark attacks within hours of each other injured a man and 9-year-old boy at the popular beach resort.
Shark Suspected in Attack on 9 Year
old Surfer off North Carolina Coast
Officials with the North Carolina State Division of Parks and Recreation believe William Early 9, from Wilmington, NC was attacked by a shark while surfing near Bear Island in Hammocks Beach State Park on Monday afternoon, May 26. Early suffered deep lacerations to his left arm and nerve damage that required surgery at a Wilmington hospital.
128 Pound Mako Shark Caught
from Oregon Inlet Charter Boat
Oregon Inlet Fisherman Pulls in 90 pound Mako Shark
Thresher Shark Discovered On
Remote Roanoke Island Beach

Photo by Richie Buscemi
Sean Callahan discovered this 10 foot Thresher Shark near his Roanoke Island home on Friday, November 24, 2006. The remote beach where it washed ashore is located on the west side of the Island between the Burnside Forest Subdivision and Roanoke Island Airport.
Thresher sharks usually feed on schooling fish such as herring and mackerel. They use their long rear fin to herd the fish together and stun or kill them with a slap. They are not usually a threat to humans; however there is an unconfirmed report of one fisherman being decapitated by a Thresher's tail.
Second North Carolina Shark Attack
in Two Days Sends Boy to Hospital
An unidentified 14 year old boy was bitten by a shark at North Topsail Beach on Wednesday, July 18. According to authorities in Onslow County, the attack occurred around 12:30 pm in front of the Topsail Reef Condominiums on New River Inlet Drive. The boy was wading in knee deep water when he was bitten on the right leg by a 3 feet long shark. The boy was taken to Onslow Memorial Hospital for treatment.
Shark Attacks Vacationer Wading
At Atlantic Beach in North Carolina
A 30 year old unidentified woman was attacked by a shark on Tuesday, July 17 while wading in Waist deep water near the Tar Landing Villas on Atlantic Beach. According to witnesses, the victim, a vacationer from Ohio felt something grab her right thigh and then began kicking. The shark then bit her left foot, leaving teeth marks as she was trying to get out of the water. The woman was taken to Carteret General Hospital in Morehead City for treatment. Her condition was unknown. Officials indicated that that based on the size of the bite the shark was probably about 5 feet long.
The attack was the first in North Carolina since September 2006, when a 16-year-old surfer suffered a shark bite to his left thigh at Onslow Beach that required 10 stitches
Huge Great White Shark Filmed Swimming
Near Outer Banks Beaches...See Video...
One of the largest Great White Sharks ever seen was filmed just off the coast of the Outer Banks by a Fishing Charter boat crew from Wanchese North Carolina. On May 13, 2004, the Outer Banks was visited by a massive great white shark that was filmed just off the coast of North Carolina by fishermen from the Charter boat Poacher, based in Wanchese North Carolina. The Video showed the huge shark swimming about 13 miles offshore of the Outer Banks.
The shark was filmed by Charles Perry, who does blue fin tuna research for Stanford University. Perry indicated that in his 50 years of fishing and doing offshore research, he’s seen a lot of interesting things such as when a blue marlin pulled a friend off the boat. However, Perry indicates that was nothing compared to witnessing this 3000 pound great white shark circling around his boat on May 13.
Perry indicated the beast was so large that he thought at first there were several fish swimming in the water instead of just one. Then the boat came up behind the shark where the natural lighting allowed its outline to be seen clearly. That’s when Perry thought, Man, this is a great white! Perry indicates that great whites are uncommon in the area, and like most flesh-eating predators, are quite dangerous.
Devin Cage owns and operates the charter boat Poacher. On this particular day, he had taken a party offshore for fishing when they spotted the adult female great white. At the time, it was swimming west in about 120 feet of water. At first the Great White Shark was mistaken for another shark because of the way the fin broke water. However, as the group got closer, they knew it was something special. Cage indicated that after seeing the fish, he felt good that we haven't killed everything yet. He believes the ocean still has some mysteries left to it and you just never know what you may encounter. The crew didn't provoke the shark or harass it. The last time they saw it, it was swimming north as if it didn't have a care in the world. The crew indicated that just the view was a catch of a lifetime.
According to marine scientists, great white sharks have a range in the Atlantic Ocean between Cape Cod in Massachusetts to North Carolina. There have been many shark attacks, some deadly, off the Virginia and North Carolina, but none that were verified by a great white. Watch the video
Two Die in Deadly Outer Banks
Labor Day 2001 Shark Attack..
A shark attack on Labor Day, September 3, 2001 brought international attention to the beaches of Hatteras Island, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
On that tragic day, vacationers Sergei Zaloukaev, 28 and his girlfriend Natalia Slobodskaya, both Russian emigrants living in Oakton, Virginia were wading in the ocean near the Askins Creek area of South Avon, North Carolina. Suddenly, at 6 pm, the two were attacked by a shark in waist deep water only 25 feet from shore, according to friends vacationing with the couple. See complete story

Shark Bites Man's Leg (Video)


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